Hayling Island, Hampshire

On a sparkling blue day I forked out £7.50 for a Solent Travelcard giving me bus travel in a big chunk of South Hampshire. The last few weeks I’ve been to Chirstchurch on the western border of Hampshire and Silchester on the northern but today I decided to head east to where Sussex lies just across the water; Hayling Island. 

It took me about 3 and a half hours to get there with brief layovers in Portsmouth and Havant. It’s a little bit painful that, by car, the entire journey would take 30 minutes, but that’s half the fun of bus travel, taking the scenic route. The very long, circuitous scenic route that’s not really that scenic. Not that I’m complaining.

The Island itself is split into two with the more rural half in the north like a bit of the Sussex countryside set adrift into the Solent. The southern half is much more Canvey Island with lots of seaside-vernacular houses, a little light railway, a theme park and beach huts scattered about by this winter’s storms. I made a note to return and explore the northern part properly, especially the ancient churches and enjoyed my time sitting on the rocky sea defences like a stranded seal reading A Time of Gifts.

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