Is anyone else having a problem with videos on Tumblr playing automatically?

I just opened two windows and had three videos playing plus the music I was listening to. It was cacophonous and it’s making using this website very difficult. 

From the OST of God Help The GIrl, it’s a song by one of the characters in the film and I thought it rather perfectly captured the twangy acoustic guitar music that was big when I was hanging around the Norwich music scene in 2008. 

It’s a pretty catchy little tune too. If you haven’t yet I’d say go and see God Help The GIrl if you get the chance. Yes, it’s mega-twee and a bit painfully self-aware but it’s so much fun.

(Source: Spotify)

Southwold Pier, Suffolk

The fish mosaic tables outside the fish & chip shop on Southwold Pier are too fantastic.

'True Shrimp'

Harwich, Essex

Various bits of signwriting and signmaking I stumbled across in quiet, wind-swept Harwich. I had Peter Ashley’s book on traditional British signwriting a lot whilst walking around this little corner of Essex.

The Angel by Boris Anrep at Mottisfont, Hampshire

A mosaic by one of my favourite artists at Mottisfront Abbey near Romsey. It’s hidden away down the side of the house and was commissioned Maud Russell part of the Anrep’s circle in the 1920s and 30s.

New haircut. It’s a bit shorter than usual and, as is per usual there’s less there now than last time.

New haircut. It’s a bit shorter than usual and, as is per usual there’s less there now than last time.

St Jude’s cushion covers

For the dream sofa in my dream study.

Lionheart by Ed Kluz


Custom House Gallery, Great Yarmouth

At Pallant House Gallery in Chichester there is a piece called Gallery 34, a collection of miniature paintings and sculptures by a score of C20 artists including Barbara Hepworth, Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. These miniatures were arranged into a little gallery a couple of feet long, a sort of Fantasy Exhibition by the curator. 

It got me thinking, I like the idea of playing Fantasy Exhibition so this evening I’ve decided to take that to its logical extreme and come up with a Fantasy Gallery. Custom House Gallery to be precise, in a renovated Georgian house and its Dutch-gabled neighbour on Great Yarmouth’s handsome South Quay. I’ve created this leaflet and if you click through to the blog you can see the floor plan and the hangings for all the galleries and a few temporary exhibitions I’d like to stage.

Let me know what you think.

So remember when I created an imaginary gallery in the Custom House and Port Commissioner’s Buildings on Great Yarmouth’s South Quay? Well, the two buildings in question are for sale. And they’re £250,000. Is it time for a gofundme?

So zomzara tagged me in the ‘six selfie challenge’. I’ve taken a bit of artistic license with this and assumed ‘selfie’ to mean ‘photo with myself in it’. My actual selfies really don’t bare collating.

In order they’re taken in Christchurch, Bath, Bristol, Harrogate, Southampton and Eltham. In the last couple you can see my best friend Emma, her fiance Tim and my fiance Christopher.

I nominate (if they have not already been nominated) corzaeve, lonepilgrim, chaka1987, barcelonasong, 360cub, sophisticated-boom-boom